The FREE POS powered by your customers

Avocado is a modern POS that lets you manage your restaurant operations, online ordering, and customer CRM, all in one place.
what we do

We’re an easy-to-use POS that streamlines the ordering process.

Mobile Ordering

Customers place an order and pay through their phone.

Kitchen KDS

Orders are instantly sent to the kitchen.

What makes us different?

We do things your typical POS can't. Instamenu creates the best-in-class hospitality experience for your customers.

Personalized menus

We give diners customized menus based on their dietary preferences or allergies. Cater to unique diets and make customers feel taken care of.

A social network of friends and food-lovers

Diners have access to food reviews they want and trust. Follow friends, food bloggers, and chefs to see where they eat and what they've ordered.

A network effect that keeps customers coming back

Discovering food is social. Instamenu builds communities of customers to help grow a loyal customer base for your restaurant.

Who does it work for?

We make the dining experience better for everyone involved.

Restaurant Owners

Streamline your front-of-house operations and save on labor costs.


Handle more tables with less stress. Earn more in tips.


Order painlessly. Access a personal network of friends and foodies.
The only platform you’ll need to run your restaurant.

We do it all.
Order Ahead
Hand-Held POS
Tip Management
Customer CRM
Email Marketing
Gift Cards
Easy Setup

Ready to get started?

Learn how Avocado can streamline your operations, increase your order capacity, and provide an unmatched experience for your customers.